Painting Miriam by Angela Yarber

I love this one!

 We are your subtlest instruments:
no music branches to your breast
that does not sound in us,
no music dies away from you,
that in us lives not,
and even in your absence
your cadence journeys…

Allen Mandelbaum, Chelmaxioms

The path to freedom is often muddy.  Water sloshes through your sandals and the soles of your shoes stick, clinging to the past, weighing down the future.  No one said dancing in wet sand was easy.  But it is very holy.  Just ask the brave prophetess who celebrated liberation by dancing on the shores of a reedy sea.

Often relegated to the submissive role of sister, the character of Miriam is typically overshadowed by the triumphs of her younger brother. Like many of her canonical contemporaries, Miriam receives little attention in scripture. Her name is only mentioned twice and the story of her song is left unsung by the writers…

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Painting Maya Angelou by Angela Yarber

angela Author. Performer. Activist. Poet. Actress. Playwright. There are few others whose accomplishments are as prestigious, prolific, or expansive as Maya Angelou’s. I initially encountered her work in a ninth grade literature class. The first of her seven autobiographies was our assigned reading. I voraciously consumed every word of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings , my heart filled with grief, my eyes filled with tears, my mind filled with questions. It is no wonder this book is the most acclaimed of all her autobiographies, books of poetry, and essays. As a fourteen year-old, my mind was opened to the power of stories, particularly the stories of those vastly different from oneself, and to the oppression black women like Angelou experienced in the United States. As a native white Southerner, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings was my first foray into grappling with the nuances of white privilege.


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Emotional Eating and Soul Friends: The Top Reasons to Do CPE

This article is so true and offers great insight into the incredible experience that is CPE.

Embodying Hospitality by Listening for Understanding

This is an incredible blog by my classmate Brian Hayes. We need to do a better job of listening.

The Tablet

istock_000017297547smallBy Brian Hayes
Staff Writer

Our mission statement at the Wake Forest University School of Divinity declares that we are growing “to be agents of justice, reconciliation, and compassion in Christian churches and other ministries.” This is a beautiful and powerful vision for our students. However, before we attempt to realize this mission “in Christian churches and other ministries,” these ideals should first be fully manifested within the Wake Div community. Before we can effectively attempt to build communities in the world based on “justice, reconciliation, and compassion,” these attributes ought to be expansively evident in our midst.

For whatever reason, it is often easier to consider how we can be “agents of justice, reconciliation, and compassion” for people out in the world than for our fellow classmates. But we do not have to go beyond the walls of Wingate Hall to find those who feel marginalized and voiceless. There…

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Day 13: Cannot Live Without



The thing I absolutely cannot live without would be my family.  My family absolutely means the world to me and I would move mountains for them.

 As I don’t have a recent picture of us together I thought I would use a photo of something that symbolizes family.  Through both sides of my family I have a wide variety of nationalities including but not limited to Puerto Rican, Italian, Norwegian & Scottish.  This photo represents a bit of my Scottish heritage.  My dad’s side of the family are members of the MacLellan Clan.  In this picture are both a sash that I possess as well as our clan badge.   


Day 12: Sunset

This is a really horrible quality photo off of my phone taken of the sunset this evening after a deluge of rain all day.  It was wonderful to have the sun out even for a little while.Image

Day 11: Something Blue

This past June I captained my 3rd Relay for Life team, my first at a community wide Relay event.  For our fundraiser my team tie-dyed 200 awareness ribbon t-shirts with the colors of various types of cancer.  The ribbon on this shirt is blue in honor of my best friend Kara who is a cancer survivor!